Code of Conduct

- I will be on time and participate in all Camp Activities.

- I will keep all the Standards as outlined in the For the Strength of Youth Booklet.

- I will respect the belongings of everyone else at Camp. And will not bring any unnecessary valuables to camp (jewellery, electronics) etc.

- I will follow the Camp rules of always telling an adult leader where I am going.

- I will be in my cabin room at lights out. If it is necessary to leave my - room after lights out, I will have an adult leader with me. 

- I understand the opposite gender’s cabins (even those of family members) are OUT OF BOUNDS at ALL TIMES (day and night).  Under no circumstances am I allowed to enter into this area. 

- I will respect the other Youth, Leaders and myself and understand there is no pranking allowed. 

- I accept the responsibility to help keep Camp safe and spiritual for all Youth including alerting adult leaders of concerns. 

- I understand that Camp is a privilege and if I do not abide by the Code of Conduct my Bishop and Parents will be contacted and I may be asked to leave.